Monday, June 13, 2011

Signs of Life: Montreal Edition (Really Old Pictures of Not-Food)

I made another (terrible) attempt at Paintbrushing some pictures, with all due acknowledgment of my rip off inspiration by my girl crush fellow blogger hyperbole and a half.

This is a building near(ish) this guy's apartment in Montreal:

Seems fairly inoffensive. But let's look more closely at the French, shall we?

Sauna mixte = Sexy times!

Extermination = BUGS!

So let's look at this picture again:

Come for the sexy times, stay for the bug extermination! 

In fact, if you walk past the lower half of the store, you see that they proudly exhibit what exactly the exterminators' kill. I took a photograph of this:

Only to have my companions point out that I really should be taking a picture of what was right below this sign. Which was a display of "samples":

A rat doing unspeakable things to itself.

Oh, yummy! You know what I'm in the mood for now? A little trip up to the sauna mixte for some sexy times! Dirty! 

The only things that would make this better were if Misha Barton were to wander in wearing this. 

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That was funny.