Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Montreal, Part Deux!

My basic reaction to Montreal:

These hearts are outside the Fine Arts (sorry "Beaux Arts") Museum (Musee des) where this guy and I saw an exhibition of contemporary surrealist art called "The world is blue like an orange" (which we went to full of skepticism but it turned out to be awesome).

So I'm doing post #2 about Montreal, even though this guy claims not to read anybody's blog, as they are all "masturbatory." I tried to explain that my blog is not masturbatory but rather narcissistic and insecure. Subtle but distinct difference.


As I've discussed here before, I eat meat now.

There was most def meat eaten in Montreal: I had Schwartz's "smoked meat" sandwiches. The comparison and contrast to Pastrami is discussed (with photo credit) on Gourmet.com here. Smoked meat sandwiches look like this:

I did not take a picture, as I got mine to go. I was not asked if I wanted it "lean, medium, or fatty"; I was just given a sandwich. I assume mine was fatty...because it was pretty fatty. This kind of sandwich is not the best thing to eat on the go, as it's hard to chew through all those stacks of meat while walking; you end up essentially blocking traffic as you shove it all in your mouth, smearing grease all over your face as you do so.

So: greasy but good. And I did hot yoga an hour and half later, and I didn't puke! And then I ate Poutine. And then walked to the top of Mont Royal. It was an odd kinda day.

But I still will eat at vegetarian restaurants, even if I do eat the flesh, and I did eat at one in Montreal: Lola Rosa. Their awesome tables are desks, from which you can pull out drawers full of paper and leave notes for future customers.

This person doubted what I was doing with my life:

But then, I reflected that I teach writing classes where I try to stress the difference between you're and your so maybe I'm not completely wasting my beautiful life.

This person has clearly read my blog:

I don't know what the dark side is, but I do like cupcakes:

I decided to do a little guerilla marketing for my blog:

And we ultimately decided to leave this thought:

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