Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Baby Don't You Cry -- Gonna Make a Pie

So, lately I've been feeling stressed. Nothing urgent or terrible: just lots of stuff to do, phone calls unreturned, etc. 

And so I made a pie. 

I both love baking, and am sort of self-dramatizing, and this is one of my favorite movies: 

So it's impossible to make a pie without getting this song in my head: 

And if you want some poignancy to your evening, check out a little about actor/director Adrienne Shelly

But you know what else I love beside pie? Rice pudding. 

Oh, rice pudding. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sitting Around in a Twilight T-shirt Wearing a Star Wars helmet on my head

I'm fond of posting this picture whenever I make the assertion that I'm Not a Nerd: 

I bought this TwilightNew Moon t-shirt at a thrift store; I just couldn't believe how awesomely awful it was, and so snatched it up immediately. I've worn it only once, upon the occasion here depicted; I went over to a friend's house for a BBQ, thinking only folks I already knew were going to be there and that they would think the shirt Immensely Funny. 

Then some people I didn't know showed up. 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Skilled bacon

I really should be doing other things, but I just wrote two articles and my brain is whirling at a billion miles per hour, so I thought I'd do a blog instead. 

You know my trip to Peak Peak, documented below? Well, my friend N. made a horror movie about it: 

He also introduced me to this, which says "Skillet Bacon Spread" but looks here like "Skilled Bacon Spread". Bacon's got skills, man

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Peak Peak

So, I went on quite a grueling hike up Picacho Peak today (if you click the link, you'll see that there was a Civil War re-enactment going at the same time! Did you know that Westernmost skirmish battle of the Civil War was fought at Picacho Peak? We didn't see the re-eanacment but we did occasionally hear cannon fire during the hike). *Also, apparently "Picacho" means "peak" in Spanish, so the name can be translated as "Peak Peak." **Also, apparently, the whole Peak is a lava flow, but scientists have never been able to figure out where the volcano that exploded the lava was (clearly, aliens involved somehow, no?).

I've passed Picacho Peak numerous times; it's one of those landmarks that indicates you're leaving Tucson for real when you head on a road trip. It's right by the similarly iconic Ostrich Farm and it's not far away from the prison sign that says "Do not stop for hitchhikers."

I thought that after a shower I was gonna collapse into a heap. But instead, I find myself looking at pics and movies from the hike and wanting to post them (admittedly, I am doing this lying in bed, from which I shall not stir). I haven't even got all the photos that my friend N. took, but I the ones I have are so GOLD that I MUST post them. 

This one should not make laugh as much as it does, given that it's me (trying) to be funny. 

Here are the boning flies referenced:

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Baby Seals Make U Fall In Love

Okay, so it turns out I know nothing about photoshop/image manipulation, which I wanted to do in response to this Jezebel article Watch Ke$ha's Sarah McLachlan-esque Plea on Behalf of Baby Seals

But basically...

Ke$sha says

And the baby seals are like, WE R WHO W R! 

(I highly recommend listening to the Ke$ha video while being mesmerized by baby seal gif).