Saturday, June 18, 2011

For the record

So, I've solicited YOUSE GUYS opinions on what my next blog post should be. Here's what I can gather about what folks seems interested in, so far:

Here are the most popular posts, in order of popularity. Unsurprisingly, the post Pamela Ribon tweeted comes in at a clear number one. The others are a little more puzzling.

As I said, my return-to-blogging post I pimped out like whoa and linked a billion places, so that's not as surprising. My dad's popularity surprises me a bit -- did he do some SEKRIT PROMOTING? I also think that around April 2010, my blog was linked on the Loft Literary Center's website, and some of my prospective-and-actual students looked at it, hence the popularity of those. "Signs of Life" is in fact commented on by a lovely former Loft student.

The Big Cupcakes post, while very short, is I think so popular because -- according to my search traffic -- PEOPLE REALLY WANT TO KNOW HOW TO MAKE BIG CUPCAKES AND PUT ICING INSIDE OF THEM. It's probably what comes up the most in terms of what people search to find my blog.

The accidentally racist thing is all the cupcakes' fault, too.

For awhile, I had many folks find me with variations of "just about to lose my mind, honey honey" because of this. For instance, "Just about to loose my mind" (terrifying: LOOSE YOUR MIND ONTO WHAT??). Who knew so many people looked for Marvin Gaye lyrics? (At least I hope so. Please say that "loose my mind" and "just about to lose my mind" were looking for the Marvin Gaye song?)

Here's my "popularity" by country:

 I assume Canada's high standing is due to friends/family in Canada. I have nothing to account for the consistency of Russia's appearances, other than the high number of cupcake and/or Marvin Gaye fans?

Seriously, guys, someone needs to do something about the lack of info about big cupcakes/putting frosting into them (I mean, I tried, but...)

Occasionally things like "morning with nature thoughts" comes up or "sunshiney thoughts" or "sunshiney quotes" and I feel bad for that person. I am actually quite grumpy. So was the inspiration for the blog title (She was both funnier and meaner than me, however).

Sometimes I and/or others mess with the search info, too:

It's also nice to see searches for pamie's book!

And...check this out! Stalking admiration pays off!

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