Friday, September 7, 2012


So, a long time ago, I was like "Here's how to make five-minute ice-cream!"

What a fool I was. 

Little did I know that there was a way to make ice-cream WITH ONE INGREDIENT. It takes a little bit longer than five minutes, but only because you have to freeze something. Otherwise, it's dead easy. 

What's that magic ingredient to make magical easy ice-cream? It's banana. 

You know how sometimes you can some bananas lying around and they're going a bit brown and you're like "Hey, I should make banana bread" and then you do? Well, I loves me some banana bread. But roomie suggested that instead of banana bread, I could make banana ice-cream. And I was like, "That sounds hard." 

Nope. (Thanks to

Here's what you do.

Peel and chop the banana. 

Banana carnage!

Freeze them for 1-2 hours. 

Put me in the freezer!

Put frozen banana in the food processor. 







Put that in a freezer, and BOOM! ICE CREAM!

Shockingly, it tastes really, really good (provided you like banana)...add some chocolate or some cinnamon or whatever's your thing. But YOU HAVE ICE-CREAM. MADE ONLY FROM BANANAS. ESSENTIALLY GUILT-FREE ICE-CREAM. 

Of course, making this ice-cream meant I had to assemble The Scary Food Processor.

Some people like to solve puzzles. Not me.

 So as long as I had the Food Processor That is Confusing out, I decided I might as well do another project. I'd run into Natalie while picking up the CSA last week, and we both awkwardly lugged the giant watermelons we were given out our cars, while being like, "The fuck we going to do with a gigantic watermelon?"

But when I went over to Natalie's, she'd had a brilliant idea -- juice the watermelon. After all, it's mostly juice, anyway. And...mmmmmm. I am indifferent to watermelon. Apparently, I'm crazy about watermelon juice.  

So chop up your watermelon, pop out as many seeds as you can, chop of the rind...

Just a small part of the watermelon carnage!

 Then pop some watermelon in the food processor, along with as much or as little fresh basil as you'd like...and BLEND!

Voila, juice! 

Do this over and over again. 

Then you have lots of juice!

And you have a very refreshing beverage. 

It's good by itself. It's excellent with a dash of ginger ale or sprite or some other bubbly. It's also excellent with any clear liquor --vodka, rum, gin. It's an amazing summer mixer. And you know what? You just assembled the fucking food processor and juiced an entire watermelon and made one-ingredient ice-cream. You deserve a drink.


Sarah Lillian said...

My pool-side beverage of choice this summer was frozen watermelon cubes + silver tequila + blender. Try it. You don't even have to use the food processor!

Eula Mae said...

You once told me that you would prefer a comment on your blog to a postcard in the mail and since you didn't send me your address this last time around, I now believe you :-) So here I am, commenting away.

Actually, I am so lazy that I've come to your blog plenty of times, enjoyed and then been like, "OMG! I have to log in to post?" No, seriously, that's how lazy I am.

So if I'm going to do ALL the work of logging in, I'm glad it's about ice cream. I am trying this ice cream thing tonight (I think I'll add cinnamon).

Also, my carpool-mate was just complaining about the melon she keeps getting from her CSA, so now I have a response (other than, stop complaining, I'm tired and it's been a long day for all of us).

Eula Mae said...

You once told me you preferred a comment on your blog to a postcard in the mail. And the last time I requested your address you didn't send it, so now I, like, totally believe you.

So here I am, and happy to be here. Of course I've been here before, but I really am so lazy that I usually read the post, enjoy it and then think, "OMG, signing in to comment is just too much work." I am that lazy, I truly am.

But at long last I've decided to be marginally less lazy, because I appreciate your writing and I definitely appreciate your one-ingredient ice cream, though I plan to add cinnamon to mine and let's face it, then it's two ingredients. I think my mom will love it and since I'm always looking to sneak more nutritious fare into her diet but less calorific fare into mine, it's a win all around.

Easy O said...

LOL! As the kids say. I DO prefer a blog comment! And I hate that one has to log into to post! Can I change that? Blogs should be easy to post on as possible. YES. This is a great way to get rid of a CSA melons so that you don't have to be That Person who complains about their CSA. (Although the sheer amount of chiles me and my roommate got had to result in a few weeks CSA break SO MANY CHILES. So I am That Person).