Monday, December 12, 2011

Reasons I Love This Blog Very Much

  • The ads google is currently displaying by my blog are for Wayne's World merchandise. HOW DID THEY KNOW????
  • I finally made $100 dollars from ads on this blog (after several years of blogging), which I reinvested in another writing project (details to come!). So thank you, anyone who has read this blog and/or clicked on the ads. You are awesome; you enable my babbling here, and support my babbling elsewhere.
  • Someone apparently found my blog by googling "I spilled buck urine on my phone." I love knowing that I'm the go-to place for urine plus electronic equipment queries!
  • Also, someone found my blog by googling "accidentally." Just "accidentally." 
Here's a picture of me making a kissy-face while trying to raise one eyebrow: 

Here's a picture of me making a kissy-face but LOOKING ANGRY ABOUT IT:


Unknown said...

The ads I see are for photobooks of babies for new moms for their showers. Even the internet knows that everyone else is getting married and/or pregnant (in some kind of order).

Easy O said...

The ads on MY blog are for baby photobooks?? Que horror! I'm certainly not having any babies. I'm going to have start typing in keywords like "heavy drinking" and "dating around" to discourage that nonsense.