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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ms. Difficulty

So I finished Infinite Jest and honestly I loved it.

In the spirit of affectionate snark, however, I do think that the main narrative thrust of the book can be summed up by this:

The title of this post is a nod to the fact that I'm reading several "difficult" books right now: finished IJ and I'm still trucking through The Magic Mountain. Got Ulysses sitting on the bedside table. It's weird, cause I'm not usually a "difficult book" person. Not that I'm not a difficult book know what I mean. Right?

Don't worry, I still watch bad TV on the internet.

Cooking people: tips on making green beans? I'm making some with garlic and rosemary, I think. Also, re: banana bread, do you think, a la scones, that if you coated the outside of banana bread in some butter, it would produce a yummy, shiny exterior? Or would that be weird? I feel like my banana bread is always so dry.

Pages written yesterday: 4.75
Pages written today: TBD!!!

I finally biked all the way into Port Carling, to return a library book for my aunt. Port Sanfield (one mile away) has food but no booze or library or anything else really and is freakin' expensive. So far our neighbor has driven me to the IGA out at Port Carling twice to go grocery shopping, but I wanted to actually bike out there myself. So I did: about seven or eight miles, so about fourteen miles total. Is that actually a long bike ride? Or as a newbie to biking am I thinking I'm all bad ass for nothing much? I feel kinda wiped. My bike is also really old and pathetic and rusty and there are lots of hills. As I strained up several of them, my bike complaining and creaking and close to falling apart, someone on a speedy sports bike dressed in spandex would inevitably speed by in the opposite direction, as if mocking me.


Emily F said...

Hooray for biking! You're obviously a natural, and we're going to have to find you a bike as soon as you get back into town. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

green beans are super easy and you can pretty much do whatever you like to them. the only thing is to not overcook them so they're not all gross and mushlike. you can boil(superquick), saute(quick), bake(not as quick) with a little oil, salt, and pepper and anything else you want. if you boil or saute, they should be bright green when done. just eat them as you make them and stop cooking when you go mmmmmm.

couple things on de-drying banana bread: stir just until everything is wet and not more, go ahead and put in less flour or more banana than the recipe says, and yes, i think butter on the outside could work.

p.s. apparently i like to talk about food .. .

Easy O said...

Yay! Both biking and food-related comments perfect: just what I needed to hear.