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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Canada: Day 2

Pages written today: 7.

Finished section 5.

Went swimming again. It was very cold. Didn't do yoga; bike ride tomorrow.

A more shameful objective of my trip here is to lose five pounds and get in a little better shape. Or, at least not to let the awesome food that my aunt and her mum make and all the lovely booze and lazing around in the sun opportunities make me swell out of control.

I feel like I have more exciting and interesting thoughts; then when I post them, I feel the most boring person ever.

BUT, the objective of this is to motivate me to write (the thought of posting that I'd written nothing was shaming today) and to keep it short and snappy. So, I will. Signing off. I'll be funny or interesting sometime, I promise.

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