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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

First blog: Canada, Day 1.

So. This blog. Created it. Purposes:
1) I'm going to try and and document how much I write every day I'm up here, at the family cottage in Canada. I'm up for a month and writing is the primary objective-o. Yes: objectivo. It's a word. Sort of. We've got high-speed ethernet internet up here now, so instead of frantic emailing, I thought I'd try and post up how much I've gotten done in a given day.
2) To try and write in a short, pithy fashion on various pertinent topics of interests a la conversations with Emily and Jake.
3) To post my Deep Thoughts on Infinite Jest for the Infinitive Jest virtual book club (TM!).
I've named this after my old MySpace blog, which I did very much enjoy for a while there. Yes, I had a MySpace blog. I am not ashamed. I'm not going to tell very many people about this at first...see how it goes.

Oh the rambling! I can feel it coming! I'll try and keep it short.

What I've written today: 4 pages (so far). I'm staying in the cabin (the tiny little cabin adjacent to the Big Cottage) and I actually got right out of bed, went to the tiny little screened in porch and wrote! Before doing anything else! It was the first thing I did! So weird, right? I've got a table, a little porch, an outlet, and a little coffee maker out there in the cabin. All I need, baby.

I also swam. And then I did some yoga on top of the boathouse.

This is all strangely productive and healthy.

Right now, my aunt, uncle, and my aunt's mom are up here, so I'm not hitting the writing too hard, although I'll still devote the mornings to it. I'm still leaving time for for cooking, talking, and watching Canada-Day specials on TV. When I'm alone I'm hoping to crank it up a notch.

Happy Canada day, by the way!


Shantha said...

how come nobody invited ME into the infinite jest book club?! just because i don't own the book and cannot read is no reason for this insult. this is either blatant discrimination or neglect. in either case, i am offended.

Easy O said...

Learn to read, and we'll talk

Emily F said...

I wasn't invited either, if it makes you (Shantha) feel any better.

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