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Monday, January 30, 2012


My roommate made this recipe for Dream Cake. And it's one of the few recipes I've seen (keep in mind, again, I did not make it) where it came out looking as pretty as the pictures on the recipe promised!


(we called it "Dream Pie" as she made it in a pie dish, but it strikes me now that "dream pie" sounds vaguely dirty ["my roommate's delicious dream pie!"] ).

For the non-vegan-y folk: "Raw cheesecake" might sound alarming at first,'s basically popsicle + cake = yum. And part of me has always found cheesecake a little...creamy? I guess? A little sour? For a few bites it's delicious, and then it gets overwhelming. I already favor cheesecake that's lighter on the cheese, higher on the fruit. When I make cheesecake, I tend to make "mini-cheesecakes" in muffins tins and slather on the strawberry or raspberry jam. So this vegan, fruity, frozen version was unsurprisingly right up my alley.

But then I sort of sound like my mom (sorry, Mom! I LOVE YOU!) who recommends desserts by pointing out how they're "not that sweet" ("It's so lovely! Not overly sweet like most desserts nowadays..." and I'm, I like sweet desserts? How is that a recommendation?). Some of you might be thinking, "BUT I LIKE CHEESECAKE! THE CREAMINESS IS THE WHOLE POINT." To which I say, this dream cake will still taste delicious. It's a different kind of delicious (more like a popsicle/fruit/cake than a traditional cheesecake, but delicious nonetheless).

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