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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

30 Rock: I want to go to there.

I tried to find two clips from 30 Rock today for a Hello Giggles post: either the one where Liz Lemon is caught wearing a bathing suit as underwear or the one where she says, "I'm not sure you want to take advice from me on this. I ate a Three Musketeers bar for lunch and my bra is held together with tape." I could find neither, but I satisfactorily wasting time looking at 30 Rock clips and now I have them book marked for the right occasion!

So to celebrate 30 Rock coming back soon, here you go.

A reminder of why Jack Donaghy is the best ("It's after six. What am I -- a farmer?" is the moment I knew I was in the love with the show).

And now -- 30 Rock clips for any occasion!

Does your friend have jury duty?

Is your friend a graduate student?

Do you need to say "I told you so" or use a Batman voice?

Sadly, I couldn't find the full "Liz at a bar" scene, but here's a clip. Basically, what I'm like at bar:

Sadly, I've never mastered this:

Yes, you do:

Yes, you do:

Know any Canadians?

Does your friend need a hug?


And sometimes you just have to say this:

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