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Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Show Wins

Okay, so I'm obviously way behind in my Supernatural recaps, and my feelings about Season 7 have vacillated between


For starters, it turns out that this? This flowchart I made? Stupid show proved me totally wrong: 

Damn it writers, what's next? Sam is gonna sleep with a girl and she's gonna LIVE? STOP SCREWING WITH MY EXPECTATIONS.

 But...I have to say that Show came back from break with the episode "Adventures in Babysitting" and...I lurved it! 

So in keeping with the rollercoaster of EMOTIONS the show has had me on this season, I'm back to: 

I know:

Anyway, "Adventures in Babysitting" put me in such a good mood that I actually watched the preview for next week/looked up some spoilers.'s a time-travel episode, which is a good sign--the time travel episode of last year being one of the bright spots in Season Six of 

 Next week, Dean goes back to the 1940s and hooks up with Elliot Ness. Which is totally neat and whatever.

But...but...that is not the awesome. The awesome is that Logan Echolls, er, Jason Dohring, is in the episode as well! As the God of Time! 

My show wins. Logan Echolls!

I've often said that in my not-so-humble opinion--which carries absolutely no weight with anyone whatsoever but WHEN HAS THAT EVER STOPPED ME--anyone who wants to write for television should be required to sit down and watch Season 1 of Veronica Mars and Season 1-5 of Supernatural as part of master class called "You Can Tell a Long Story in Addition to Stand Alone episodes and Not Only That You Can Finish Your Story and Give Your Audience Closure Seriously I'm Looking At You Writers of Lost."

And I know some fans didn't like the resolution of Season 5 but you know what I have to say to those people. 

Also, it turns out that Jason Dorhing's been on Ringer? It's like, what with The Fug Girls recapping it, and Misha Collins making a guest appearance, and the fact that the show seems to have the same plot as a Spanish telenovella La Usurpadora that I watched in Spanish class in high school (because pretty much all we did in Spanish class in high school was watch TV, which really bit me in the butt in college when my Spanish teacher was like "Write an essay in Spanish" and I was like "Que? When do we watch Las televnovellas?") means that maybe I'm eventually going to have to watch Ringer.

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