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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Misha Collins is Awesome, and I am Surprisingly Emotional About It

So, you know how the Fug Girls are recapping Ringer? (I find this interaction particularly awesome/sweet, I have to say). And I was like, "Oh cute! Cause I am trying to totally not failing at recapping Supernatural! CW cheese 4evah!"

I have to say, I am totally happy that Misha Collins is, like, employed and I guess it's kind of cute the way the CW is so incest-y with its actors and Ringer-staring-former-Buffy-star-Sarah-Michelle-Gellar certainly knows which side its bread is buttered on...

But...but...but...what is all this "no concrete plans to bring him back to Supernatural"? That can't be right...right? I was all "Man, the crazy fans who are over-reacting about him leaving are so crazy and over-reacting! They are just toying with YOUR EMOTIONS!" if the Ringer fans fall in love with him and take him away forever? NO CONCRETE PLANS WHAT IS THIS BULLSHIT?

And I'm kind of torn...because I am actually kind of liking the back-to-basics approach Supernatural is taking recently...I didn't think I would, but the recent monster-of-the-week episodes have been kind of enjoyable and it's neat the way they've back-seated angels and demons without getting rid of them entirely...and it was way annoying in Season Six when Cas would just flutter in for a few minutes every few episodes and be like "SOMETHING'S WRONG! I CAN'T TALK ABOUT IT THOUGH I'M GRUMPY BYE" so it's not like I wanna go back to doing that but I thought maybe there was this big plan to bring him back with an actual purpose/plot BUT MAYBE THERE ISN'T and EVERYBODY ALWAYS SAYS THAT DEATH DOESN'T MEAN ANYTHING ON SUPERNATURAL BUT THAT'S A BUNCH OF BULL HOOEY IT TOTALLY DOES AND I DON'T WANT CAS TO COME BACK AS LIKE A MATERIALIZED MEMORY OR IN AN ALTERNATIVE REALITY OR SOMETHING...AND OH GOD WHAT IF CAS IS REALLY DEAD AND HE ONLY COMES BACK AS LIKE A MATERIALIZED MEMORY OR IN AN ALTERNATIVE REALITY OR SOMETHING? 

Must breathe.

The thing is, I'm about as big a SamNDean girl as you can get (but Team Free Will! Forever!) I'm not actually a crazy4Cas fan (yes, the above is pretty sane in the world of Supernatural fans). But...But...

For those of you who don't know Supernatural (although you probably quit reading in the capslocked section above or when I brought in Joni Mitchell), I'm going to make a quick list of Why Misha Collins is Awesome. Not even his character, but just the actor, "Misha Collins."

Misha Collins is awesome because he: 

1. Has a twitter feed in which he essentially creates this weird caricature of himself. I'M NOT EVEN ON TWITTER AND I'M AWARE OF THIS. This might say more about me than about how Misha Collins is awesome. Moving on. 

2. His twitter feed is so successful that he actually freaked out P.Diddy.  
I think I finally caved to the "Misha Collins is awesome" bandwagon when I found out he'd created a trend on Twitter called #PDiddyisScaredofHisTV. I'M NOT ON TWITTER.  

3.  His twitter feed is so successful that he actually played a twitter-obsessed actor called Misha Collins on a meta episode of Supernatural called The French Mistake. [Yes, named after this:].

4. His wife wrote this book [and then he got into a fight with Charlie Sheen about it] which means that there is totally hope that me and Misha Collins and his wife are going to have a polyamorous wedding and live in happy polyamorous bliss for polyamorous ever.  Just to be safe, I've registered for this as a wedding present. What does a vintage-style mixer have to do with why Misha Collins is awesome, you say? To which I say, why are you trying to ruin my special day? My special imaginary polyamorous day? F off and buy me my mixer, because I really want one.

5. I could make frosting for an Imapala Cake!

7. I'm sorry, I got a little distracted there, didn't I? Oh, yeah, motherfuckers, Misha Collins is also awesome because he created a non-profit, Random Acts.

8. Also, he took Supernatural fans to Haiti to build a community center.

9. He also interned at the White House.

10. Despite attributing his initial success with the fans of Supernatural to the fact that he's "to date, not a woman," he's finally copped to the fact that many hard-core fans of Supernatural are lesbians, who don't exactly, um, hate women. Also, he occasionally wears drag!

You guys, just thinking about all this stuff...

We can play that song at our polyamorous wedding, only-exists-on-the-Internet "Misha Collins" and his probably awesome wife! (If you wish to know my sexual orientation, it's this). THINK ABOUT ALL THE BAKING EQUIPMENT WE COULD REGISTER FOR.

I dunno, I've always been vaguely resentful of all the attention Supernatural fans give to Misha Collins, because I have a lot of old school SamNDean love. But then he goes away and I'm like


I'm sorry. I didn't mean to speak to you like that. I'm just upset.

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