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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halloween Shenanigans: Strange Clouds

So I actually put in some effort into Halloween this year -- me and Bad Cholla spent an afternoon at Savers creating Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding costumes. 

For those wondering if the costumes were a little outdated (Jason: "Timely. What you going to be next year? Judge Ito?"), they were originally conceived of for a roller skating party. But then--ironically--the Tonya Harding to my Nancy Kerrigan suffered an injury, and we didn't go roller skating. While we eventually wore the costumes on Actual Halloween and I think they were successful, when I told people, "Originally, they were gonna be worn roller skating," the person always went from "polite about costumes" to "Oh! That WOULD HAVE been really clever!" So the true epic awesomeness potential was never fully unlocked, but I think we still did good. See?

Also, this new song by B.O.B ft Lil Wayne references Nancy Kerrigan! So it's still relevant!

As often happens you go thrifting, it's the things you buy on impulse without thinking much of it that end up being a hit. For a Halloween party I went to on Not Actual Halloween, I felt I couldn't be Nancy without my Tonya, so I just wore a dress with plastic stars on it that I found at Savers and almost didn't buy and have since kinda fallen in love with: 

That's not a pattern! Those are STARS made of PLASTIC! 

Savers was also selling something called a "Disco Stick" or "Baton Disco."

What's a disco stick you ask? Well, according to Lady Gaga:

According to Savers, it's clearly a light saber toy that someone put a light-up disco ball on top of: 

It's tremendously awesome:

Instant disco! Just add stick!

My other favorite Savers sighting was the Teenage Vampire (or Vampire Adolescent) wig:

Also, I bet you thought my parents could not get any cuter. However, on Halloween you would have BEEN WRONG:

They just got back from Japan

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