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Monday, September 26, 2011

Supernatural 7.01 The pre-recap RECAP. (Recap implies spoilers, obvs)

Okay, so let's be honest. There were three things any good Supernatural fan was looking for in the Season Seven premiere:

1) The fate of Cas (who at the end of last season ate Purgatory and declared himself the new god. Yes, he ate Purgatory. That's not a metaphor. That is exactly what happened); 2) The new title card; 3) Sam's hair.

Well, good news right off the bat! The new title card is awesome!

It ends up looking like this:

It kind of looks like they combined the angel wings of Season 4

With the exploding blood clot of Season 5

It's sort of like this season's title is an exploded angel (which makes lots of sense, actually).

The showrunner's have said that this season's title is an homage to B-movies, reflecting Supernatural's B-movie roots. And this is appropriate -- the whole premiere had a fun, B-movie feel to it: cheese-y, scary, over-the-top. It's a vast improvement over last Season, whose title credits looked liked this:

These title credits are super-appropriate for Season 6: they're...fine. I guess that glass-shattering effect had to be kinda hard to do. But they're sort of...cold. And no fun. And it's like they're trying hard to make a statement, but that statement isn't particularly interesting (the title credits are...shattering! Like THE CHARACTERS ARE SHATTERING!).

This season, they have very wisely decided to drop the noir-ish, dark-colored, gloomy, WE BE MAKING POINTZ ABOUT THE NATURE OF THE SOUL [AND BORING YOU AND MAKING YOU SAD] feel of Season 6. So far, Season 7 feels like the title card: BOOM! FUN EXPLOSION!

Okay, onto serious business. Sam's hair.

Lots has been said and can be said about Sam's hair. I will forever and ever love the bangs of Season 1:

I know, right?
The worst hair is probably season 2; at one point, his hair is either making a desperate bid for freedom or actually trying to attack the other characters onscreen:

Various people other than myself have tracked the progression of Sam's hair over the seasons, for instance the good folks at Zap 2 It:

Another low point is probably Season Six about which everything sucks.  In one episode, he's supposed to look creepy as Souless!Sam but his hair keeps blowing in the wind like he's in a goddamn shampoo commercial:

Now, this might sound silly, and it is. But I get this question more than anything, so let’s just put it out there. What’s going on with Sam’s hair this season?
[Laughs...for a good while]Well, it’s probably more similar to season 6 than season 1. It’s taken on a life of it’s own. I think one day my hair and the Impala are going to have re-negotiations for season 7. But I guess we pick up season 7 where season 6 left off. So it’s most similar to that. I get a lot of people who liked my hair in season 1. I think, literally, we’ve had times in the past 6 or 7 years when I’m like, “Man, I want to cut my hair really short.” Or Jensen’s like, “I really want to grow my hair out. It gets cold here.” And I suppose they won’t let us because that’s just who Sam and Dean are. One’s longer-haired and one’s short-haired. And now that Sam’s older, they definitely style it more than let it be floppy and frumpy. I think back in season 1, I was just this 23-year-old kid but I was also 6′ 4”. I had the body of a man but a face of a boy, and they wanted me to be more a boy than a man. So they gave me the original Bieber look. Maybe Bieber stole it from me — the whole hair-in-the-eyes, “I think I’m too sexy” attitude. But now I’m adult Sam ‘do.

Yeah, theoretically they pick right up where they left off, so Sam's hair should look the same. But realistically, months have actually passed in the real world, and no one looks exactly the same. And they're gonna style him differently for a new season. So....the Samhair! Season 7! What's it like?

Well, like the title card....


Also, yes, that's a V-neck shirt. Thanks for asking!: 

I have to admit that after Season 6, I was not enthused about Sera Gamble (the new showrunner who took over after the original show creator, Eric Kripke, took a step back). But after the season 7 premiere, I TAKE IT ALL BACK.

Wait for me

As for the fate of Cas, and the rest of it, that's going to have to wait till the recap proper! 

To the recap! (Thanks to here and here for the gifs!)

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