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Monday, September 12, 2011

Okay, here goes, deep breath, etc. etc. etc.

I'm trying to get used to Blogger's new interface and not feel all old-fogey-y and resistant to change. Dude, Blogger, I use Blogger! I'm probably not exactly quick on the uptake in the ol' technology/web department, ya know?

I mean, I've pretty much just discovered gifs! Have a gif!

I didn't make it. From here. 

Jensen pumped

I put this Supernatural gif in here because, well, why would you ever use gifs from anything else? And I'm thinking of doing recaps of Supernatural when it starts up September 23rd (think I had to look that up? Ha!).

I'm thinking of doing the recaps because I read an inordinate perfectly reasonable amount of recaps/responses to Supernatural online and they usually make me feel like this. 

So I figured I might as well do recaps/responses of my own. Plus, last season was rough on me, y'all. It's almost always better to watch a show on DVD or online rather than painstakingly episode by episode. But I have a DVR and no willpower, and I watched every episode as it aired or soon after. And there were lot of things going wrong last season, including the RoboSam debacle of 2010 and the Godstiel problem of 2011. This meant if I watched an episode I either:

1) Vented about it to friend/whoever was unfortunate enough to be sitting near at the time.

2)  If I was alone, I'd stare at my DVR, mutter "Character assassination!" and delete Supernatural from my DVR, heart pounding, fully convinced I was taking a stand on the side of justness and righteousness with the world, and that the The Powers That Be at Supernatural would instantly sense a disturbance in the force, mutter "Easy O has deleted us from her DVR! Someone must do something about this immediately! Better yet, seek her creative feedback and put her on the writing staff!" Then when this didn't happen immediately, I'd be crushed with remorse, murmur brokenly "I'm not going to leave you! I'm not going to leave my brother alone out there!" and reprogram it back in.

Then I'd go read recaps and responses and feel like this. 

So, given that this is probably going to happen again this season, I thought I might as well recap the experience.

Why am I even writing about this? This wasn't what I wanted to blog about at all! Damn it, I'm starting over. I'm starting over. I'm just gonna do a whole nother blog entry.

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