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Friday, August 5, 2011

Signs of Life: Politics in Arizona

Awwww! I miss my blog. I haven't updated in FOREVER. I miss being unemployed.

[This is hardly a revolutionary theory, but I'm pretty sure there's a direct relationship between "underemployment" and "amount of time spent blogging." Similarly, I'm pretty sure there's a inverse relationship between "amount of sex someone is having" and "amount of time spent blogging." No, I don't mean to say that bloggers are underemployed and sexless. I think they're underemployed AND/OR sexless]*.**

*Don't hate! Imma blogger! This applies to me too!
**Also, obviously doesn't apply to professional bloggers, who, like, blog for food and shelter.

Anyway, I've got a backlog of blogs I wanna post, but most are of the long/ambitious variety.  So I decided to go with a Signs of Life Photo Essay. Presented largely without comment, Politics in Arizona: A Photo Essay.


 Okay, fine, technically I saw this in New Mexico! 

This too: 

 This is actually Arizona: 
Cigars are very oppressed.
You have to be careful not to frighten them when you see one out and about.

Art, Coffee, Vintage, AND Jewelry all reject racism! 

Even though--

I'm honestly not sure what that means. I creepily followed around this car for a little bit trying to get a better picture. Fail! Also, I guess they are fans of the Yankees...and Pirates? Confusing. 

I hate bumper stickers that are phrased like imperatives: 
Okay, guys, think! We need a name that evokes...stability! And grandeur! Something majestic, that will last a long time. Ponzi Federal Credit Union? Nah, that sounds a little hinky. How about...What's that you say? A Pyramid? Why, that's a great idea! Everyone loves Pyramids! Now we just need a slogan. How about "Pyramid Federal Credit Union: We Scheme to Earn You Money"? Gosh, the boss is gonna love this. 

Best tampon dispenser ever. 

And just for fun, even though they are not technically "signs": 

Enormous spider! 

Our backyard is pretty and in no way resembles a desert: 
Sometimes they get eaten by bobcats. 

How am I supposed to drive to work when there is a vulture in the road??

Yes, I know. I spend too much of my time looking at the world like this: 

Most of these pictures are taken from my car, I'm aware.


Nikki Van De Car said...

Luckily, I think it's a Mets fan that believes the war on terror is coming the tampon dispenser!

Easy O said...

Ha, trust me to misread the logo! And yes, that tampon dispenser rocks -- it's actually an art project by a feminist group. I really should find out who and put a link up or something.

Katie J. said...

OMG Laura, you crack me up. I'm "paying this forward," so to speak. Though I have to tell you, there are a sad number of similar bumper stickers in MN.

Easy O said...

Katie, it's true: annoying bumper-stickers are universal.