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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


According to Netflix, these are the categories of movies I like:

Critically-acclaimed Witty Comedies

Romantic Dramas

TV Shows

Dark Independent Movies Featuring a Strong Female Lead

Suspenseful Crime Movies*

*I really do hate all those non-suspenseful crime movies

I larf, not because it's not accurate, but because it's creepily accurate. And lots of their recommendations are either favorites or movies I really want to see (Although is "Y Tu Mama Tambien" really a "witty comedy"? I'm not sure. I think more "Occasionally Funny Sometimes Sad Coming of Age Drama Featuring an INSANE Amount of Nudity and Pretty Beaches")

I wonder if netflix is just going to get more and more specific? I half expect the next time I log in for the categories to be:

"Romantic Comedies With Actual Witty Dialogue and Believeable Chemistry Between the Leads, Which Can Include Movies With Hugh Grant, Julia Roberts, and Drew Barrymore, But Does Not Necessarily Give Any of These Actors a Free Pass, i.e., If You Can't Tell the Quality Difference Between "Music and Lyrics" and "50 First Dates" You Are Retarded."


"Independent Dramas that Are Not Too Precious For Their Own Good and Feature Strong, Complex Characters, i.e., Lots of Stuff With Laura Linney and Mark Ruffalo But That Does Mean These Actors Get A Free Pass, Either."

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